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Super Anchor CRA D-Plate Anchors

  • Plate Size: 6″x6″x3/8"
  • HDG Steel
  • Certified for Fall Protection and Window Washing
  • Ideal for CMU Block Walls
  • Cal-OSHA Compliant Models Available
  • Complies with IWCA-14.1 Window Washing Standard
  • Complies with OSHA 1926:502 and 1910:140
  • ASTM 123 Hot Dip Galvanized Coating
  • 5,000-pound Minimum Strength
  • Numerous Mounting Options Available
  • Stand Alone Anchors or Use in Horizontal Lifeline System up to 130’
  • Available in 304/316 Stainless Steel
  • Individual Serial Number Tag Riveted onto Riser
  • Large Inventory in Stock
  • Pre-Engineered Design for Easy Compliance
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The low-profile single user CRA D-Plate anchor is designed to be installed onto wood, steel, CMU walls, concrete embedded or concrete structure and can be utilized for fall protection, window washing suspension or as a horizontal lifeline intermediate anchor. This anchor comes pre-engineered to be installed with bolts, wedge anchors or field welds for installation on walls, floors, ceilings and other areas where applicable. It measures 6” x 6” and has our cast loop top welded to the plate.

The D-plate is not designed as a rooftop anchor point and does not come with fasteners to secure it. A variety of coatings/materials are available: galvanized, powder coated and stainless steel. Backer plates are also available.

  • STRUCTURE ATTACHMENTS: Wood Beams, Wood Trusses, Steel Decking, Structural Steel and Concrete
  • ATTACHMENT HARDWARE: ½” Grade-8 Bolts, A-307 Threaded Rod, Concrete Wedge Anchors and Field Welds
    • Stand Alone Anchor/Tie-Back Anchors for Fall Protection
    • Cable Pass-Through systems
    • Window Washing Tie-Back Anchors

CRA End Anchors are pre-engineered for your project eliminating the need for expensive, time consuming specialized effort by GC’s, architects or engineers to provide a fall protection plan. SAS has extensive 3rd party engineering documents, installation details, testing data and installation guidance ready at your disposal. The CRA’s can be used as end anchors, intermediate anchors as part of a horizontal lifeline system or as stand-alone 360-degree single user tie-off. The extensive testing, engineering and design criteria that we have done gives us the opportunity to offer you a fall protection anchor system that can be installed by your trade partners at a fraction of the cost of most commercial roof anchor systems on the market today.


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Weight 3 lbs

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