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Beta-Max Material Hoists

Beta Max Leo XXL Hoist

Model Number: 50-25

  • Hoist of choice metropolitan areas
  • Long lasting performance with minimum maintenance required
  • Flexible I-Beam Mounting Option works with and configures to each to each unique jobsite
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The Leo XXLwire rope hoist provides 400 ft of lift height and is ideal for urban metropolitan projects. Safely and efficiently lift 1,000 lbs at 80 fpm and watch your productivity soar. Got a heaver load? Quickly switch to a double line setup and lift up to 2,000lbs.

Single Line Setup

  • 400 ft – Lift Height
  • 1,000 lbs – Lift Capacity
  • 80 fpm – Lift Speed
  • 220V, 3Ô – Power

Double Line Setup

  • 200 ft – Lift Height
  • 2,000 lbs – Lift Capacity
  • 40 fpm – Lift Speed
  • 220V, 3Ô – Power

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Weight 210 lbs


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