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Mobile Fall Protection Carts


Model Number: 65033

  • The Penetrator provides fall protection for 3 fall arrest and 2 fall restraint or a total of 5 workers
  • The Penetrator is compliant with OSHA Fall Protection Regulation 1926.502
  • Features locking steering column, flat free tires, while providing mobile fall protection, in addition to accommodating up to 2000 lbs. of materials (gross weight)
  • Unassembled
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When a fall occurs, the powerful penetrating spikes engage, piercing into the roof insulation and metal decking, thus creating a safe, secure anchor. For use on most substrates, EXCLUDING concrete, the Penetrator has been tested for use on Built-Up, TPO, ISO, PVC, EPDM, and other standard materials that are part of a finished roof system. The Penetrator is reusable and offers the lightest mobile fall protection system available on the market today.

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Weight 515 lbs


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