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Super Anchor Retro-Flash Dacromet Coated Zinc Plated Steel 4x14"

  • Top-Chord Installation: Simply center the anchor over the truss and nail or screw the anchor down securely
  • Backer-Board Installation. Install our ¾” backer board under the current roof sheeting and you do not need install into a truss – just install the anchor with the screws and you have a fall arrest anchor point
  • Install the RetroFlashing over your new anchor and install under the headlap of the existing roofing material
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Most roof anchor installations require the removal of shingles to install. This can pose a problem, especially on older roofs with brittle shingles. No more tearing off your ridge cap to install fall arrest anchors because this flashing allows you to install anchors directly over your existing roofing material.

Two of our most popular anchors, the D- and RS-10 can be mounted directly over existing asphalt shingle roofs without removing any shingles. To cover the anchor and fasteners and protect it from the elements we invented the RetroFlash. It is a special metal flashing made from 20-gauge metal that slips under the course of roofing just above the anchor. It is held in place by the roofing material and the caulking used during installation. This product can be painted to match the color of the roofing material, too.

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240 pieces (3 boxes), 400 pieces (5 boxes), 80 pieces (1 box)



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