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The Ridgepro Roof Anchor

Model Number: RP3Q14-R

The Ridgepro Roof Anchor Model # RP3Q14-R allows you to easily be tied off with fall protection before stepping off the ladder onto a steep-slope roof.

This allows you to get safely from the ladder to the peak of the roof and back. It is constructed from aircraft-grade solid aluminum.

The Ridge Pro allows user's to customize to a roof pitch-specific setting between 6/12 to 12/12.

The roof anchor is designed to straddle ridge vents and while it meets or exceeds the industry standard of 5,000-pound tensile strength when anchored correctly.
Online Price: $490.00
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The ultimate tool to get you safely from the ladder to the peak and back.

Includes a main body constructed of high-grade aluminum capable of withstanding thousands of pounds of pulling force, an adjustable pitch-selection grid with an incremental range of 6/12 to 12/12 with pitches etched into the main body, two padded cross members to protect an existing surface material from damage and balance the user when transitioning on and off the ladder, four cross member holes to receive 5/16” lag bolts for optional anchoring, a stainless steel shackle to receive the rope and harness clip, a set of pre-installed wheels to roll The RIDGEPRO™ to and from the peak and a connection at the back to secure an extension pole.

(Sold separately or as part of The RIDGEPRO™ Plus.) Components are welded together at the seams and finished with a brilliant red and yellow powder coat finish.



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