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Ladders and Accessories

Werner Fiberglass LeanSafe Ladders

  • Type 1A with a load rating of 300 lbs.
  • Safe to lead against walls, studs, corners, and poles
  • Top non-marring rubber bumpers
  • Seven-layer, non-conductive fiberglass construction
  • EDGE 360 bracing
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Werner Fiberglass LeanSafe Ladders

Werner is a leading manufacturer of ladders and scaffolding planks, and it shows in their innovative design and dedication to blending a worker’s need for safety with the desire for convenience. The Werner LeanSafe® is a leaning ladder that pulls double duty as a traditional step ladder.

OSHA regulations prevent a traditional step ladder from being leaned directly against a vertical surface, but by blending regulation features of a step ladder with those needed to safely lean against a wall, and the LeanSafe® offers twice the functionality. This leaning ladder can be safely placed against walls, wood or metal studs, in corners, or even against poles.

Innovative Safety Features

From the ground up, this ladder was designed with safety in mind. Its feet have curved rubber foot pads that are designed to maximize surface area both when being used as a step ladder and a leaning ladder. This improves stability and reduces tipping while the Edge360® bracing is placed to protect the bottom of the ladder. At the top of the ladder, storage trays and spaces are designed to hold your tools and components, eliminating the need to continually climb and ascend the ladder or lean dangerously to reach your equipment.

Most importantly, the LeanSafe® ladder allows workers to get close to their work space in a way that is simply not possible with a standard stepladder, reducing the risk of falls and preventing injuries that can come from overextending. There is a connection point single latch attaching the lower rear rail to the front rail, easily shifting the ladder into leaning mode. It’s designed to stay engaged when in use but is also easy to open and close.

A Leaning Ladder Designed for Convenience

Not only is the LeanSafe® a leader in safety, it’s convenient to use. Made from fiberglass and aluminum, it’s sturdy enough to withstand up to 300 lbs of weight but light enough to carry around your jobsite. The same features that make it safe to use also make it convenient, including the single, centrally located safety latch and the built in storage trays.

Contact Associated Scaffolding for the Werner LeanSafe® Ladder

To learn more about our selection of ladders and accessories and determine if the LeanSafe® is right for you, contact us today! We have seven locations and a national sales department with experienced staff ready to answer questions and help you determine the right equipment for your next project. Call us today at (800) 768-2655 or fill out our contact form to get started.

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