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Super Anchor X-Line

  • X-Line with Snaphook, Super Grab Rope Grab and Aluminum Carabiner
  • 12-Strand Poly-Dac lifeline with aluminum swage
  • ¼” reinforced polyester airline with brass reusable fittings
  • 6’ and 4’ air-line leads
  • 3,600-pound gate strength connectors
  • Individually serial numbered
  • Instruction and Inspection Labels included
  • Use with our Prussic Rope Grabs or ADP Rope Grabs
Tags: lifeline
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The X-Line is a personal fall arrest lifeline with a patented, integral ¼” air hose inside our 12-Strand HD Lifeline. The result is a completely integrated system for roofers that reduces rope management issues and tripping hazards. Less rope management means faster roofing, too. Ideal for construction trades using air guns. This is a safety tool for the professional roofer that is looking for the ultimate lifeline system. Can be used in “reverse” so that no extra lifeline is ever trailing behind you. USA models are fitted with English/Spanish instructions and labels. Supplied in a 5 gallon plastic bucker and certified for use with 2 different types of rope grabs.

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