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At Associated Scaffolding, we rent out frames, work platforms, towers, ladders, planks, safety equipment and more. Review our rental policies to learn more.

Rental Policy For Customers Without An Account

  1. All rental fees are paid in advance.
  2. Rent is paid by cash, check or credit card (Master Card, VISA, Discover or American Express).
  3. Rental period is for 28 days/4 weeks minimum.
  4. Rent is pro-rated daily after the first 28 days.
  5. For customers without an account, deposit is required for replacement cost of equipment.
  6. Credit cards or cash is accepted for deposit only (no debit cards or checks).
  7. The deposit will be processed after an account is 30 days past due.
  8. Credit card authorization form must be filled out completely and signed by the cardholder.
  9. Low-numbered checks will be called into the bank (for verification). No counter checks.
  10. Customer’s name, correct physical address, home and work phone numbers, and a copy of a valid driver’s license are required.

Rental Terms

Rental term is a minimum of 28 days and starts the day Leased Equipment is picked up by LESSEE or is delivered to or for the LESSEE, and ends the day the Leased Equipment is off rental. Leased Equipment is off rental the day LESSEE either (a) returns the Leased Equipment to LESSOR’S place of business during regular business hours, or (b) notifies LESSOR of termination of use of Leased Equipment and requests LESSOR to pick up Leased Equipment. LESSEE WILL RETURN LEASED EQUIPMENT TO LESSOR UNLESS LESSOR has expressly agreed, in writing, to pick up Leased Equipment from LESSEE, at LESSEE’S expense, in which event each and every provision of this lease will remain in effect for twenty-four (24) hours after Leased Equipment is “off-rental,” which the parties agree is a reasonable time for LESSOR to pick up Leased Equipment. LESSEE SHALL SECURE EQUIPMENT AGAINST THEFT OR UNAUTHORIZED USE and shall be responsible for all Leased Equipment lost or stolen.


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