Each employee of Associated Scaffolding helps lead our success in the construction industry by contributing their unique knowledge, talent, and skills. Each employee constantly strives for excellence in customer support and service both during and after the transaction. Associated Scaffolding welcomes the following individuals to our team:

Durham Branch

George Cobbs – Driver
Rowdy Milligan – Driver
Jospeh Mensah – Erector
Elmer Rodriguez – Erector

Charlotte Branch

Matthew Little – Technician
Charles Howard – Warehouse Supervisor
Francesco Merra – Erector

Greensboro Branch

Cody Craven – Erector
Tito Ramirez – Erector

Raleigh Branch

Ashleigh Raymond – Admin Assistant
Jean Scroggin – Counter Salesman
Nicholas Archible – Driver
Ryan Hughes – Driver

Richmond Branch

Collie Goode – Driver
Veyo Chhorn – Erector

Knoxville Branch

Edward Hennessey – Warehouseman

Columbia Branch

Anthony Wilson – Erector
Travis Hill – Erector


Jeffery Roberson – Welder


Benjamin Johansen – Charlotte Branch Manager

Cristian Arizmendez – Charlotte Salesman

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