Associated Scaffolding introduces the PowerLift X Series by ReechCraft, expanding its selection of high-quality aerial work platforms and portable personal lifts.

ReechCraft, a leader in innovative lifting solutions, proudly introduces the latest advancement in aerial work platforms – the PowerLift X Series. The ReechCraft PowerLift personal portable lift takes you to new heights for indoor facility maintenance. That’s because, unlike traditional ladders and scissor lifts, no matter what tight spaces or uneven surfaces you need to work on, our portable PowerLift gets the job done. This groundbreaking series is set to redefine the standards in efficiency, safety, and versatility within the industry.

Introducing the PL-X Models

The PowerLift X Series features a new compact base designed for small jobs requiring a platform height between 4 and 12 feet. The pre-packaged models, including PL-X4, PL-X8, PL-X12, PL-X16, and PL-X20, offer a ready-to-use solution with fixed bases tailored to specific heights. The unique aspect of these models is that the bases are non-interchangeable, providing simplicity and efficiency for specific job requirements.

The Flexible Solution: PL-XM (Modular Aerial Work Platforms)

For customers seeking ultimate flexibility, the PL-XM (Modular) model emerges as a game-changer. Drawing inspiration from the popular PL65 model, the ReechCraft PL-XM aerial lift offers a modular approach where customers can select their desired base and height options. This means the freedom to choose different bases in the future, ensuring adaptability to evolving project needs.

In order to order a full PL-XM with a 20ft platform height for example, a customer would need The PL-XM (4027900), a base option for this example we’ll choose the ReechCraft PowerLift Straddle Base (4028238), and then masts, we’ll send this customer to full height and order all three middle masts (4028198, Qty 3). This would give the user a complete set up with the option to have a different base in the future.

Diagram that shows the 4 PL-XM model base aerial work platforms.
Image as seen on the ReechCraft website.

4 Base Options for the PL-XM Model

The PL-XM model presents customers with four distinct base options: compact, straddle, free-standing, and outrigger. Each base comes with its unique set of advantages, offering users the ability to tailor their lift configuration based on project-specific requirements.

  1. ReechCraft PowerLift Compact Base
  2. ReechCraft PowerLift Straddle Base
  3. ReechCraft PowerLift Free-Standing Base
  4. ReechCraft PowerLift Outrigger Base

The compact base, ideal for tight spaces, sets up quickly without outriggers but has a limited height capability. Straddle bases provide the versatility to navigate over stadium seating or office furniture but come with a larger footprint. The free-standing base, being the smallest and lightest, requires floor anchoring for stability.

Benefits of the PowerLift X Series

  1. Small Footprint: The stable fixed base has an incredibly small footprint. This makes it perfect for working in tight areas where typical lifts cannot be set up.
  2. Quick & Easy Setup: The classic outrigger base with adjustable pads quickly and easily creates a stable foundation, even on the most difficult surfaces.
  3. Flexible Base Options: The straddle base is a versatile option for a wide variety of jobs. With this setup, working over obstacles like theater seats or church pews is no problem.

Innovative Aerial Work Platforms: The PowerLift Difference

PowerLift is a leading provider of innovative lifting solutions, dedicated to enhancing efficiency, safety, and adaptability in various industries. With a focus on user-centric design and advanced technology, PowerLift continues to set new benchmarks in the field of aerial work platforms.

  • Stable at all heights
  • 350 lb platform capacity
  • Reaches up to 30 ft working height
  • Complies with ANSI and OSHA safety standards

1. Redesigned Basket for Enhanced Functionality

The PowerLift X Series introduces an exciting redesign of the basket, featuring a built-in tray for tools and a new ergonomic, step-in entrance. This improvement not only enhances user experience but also boosts productivity by providing a convenient space for essential tools.

2. Height Control Innovation Ensures Safety

PowerLift has introduced a groundbreaking safety feature named “Height Control” across all bases and masts. This mechanical pin system prevents users from stacking masts beyond safe limits, mitigating the risk of tipping. The compact base, for example, only allows the stacking of one middle mast, ensuring a maximum platform height of 12 feet, while other bases permit up to three middle masts, offering greater height options.

All of our bases and masts are also now equipped with a new safety feature aptly named height control. This means that whatever base is being used will only allow the correct number of masts. This is to prevent customers from attempting to stack them too high which poses the threat of tipping. It is a mechanical feature in the base and base mast that will only allow up to 3 middle masts to be stacked (plus base and top mast) when using the fixed, straddle, or outrigger base. This same feature is used in the compact base as well and will only allow 1 middle mast to be stacked. 

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Final Word: PowerLift X Series Aerial Work Platforms

The ReechCraft PowerLift X Series signifies a paradigm shift in aerial work platforms, combining modularity with safety and convenience. It is a testament to PowerLift’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that empower professionals in the field.Shop online at Associated Scaffolding – your one stop safety shop! If you’d like more information about the PowerLift X aerial work platforms or any of our other safety gear, fall protection equipment for sale, or scaffolding equipment, contact us today.

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