University Tower Scaffold

University Tower

Job: University Tower
Location: Durham, NC
Building: Class A office tower, 17 stories tall built in 1987
Equipment Used: Swing Stage Scaffold
Need for Equipment: Waterproofing

The University Tower is a landmark building standing 17 stories tall near the city limits of Durham, NC and Chapel, NC. Associated Scaffolding was contact to provide access equipment for a contracting needing to perform waterproofing work on the glass building.

The job presented a unique challenge for our local swing stage installation team because of the building’s design. The team used multiple engineered adjustable corners when building the swing stages that allowed the customer to change the configuration as needed. The stage and rigging were moved multiple times as the contractor performed the waterproofing work around the entire glass building. This was a very successful job for both Associated Scaffolding and our customer.

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