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Davit Systems

Fall Tech 5pcDavit System w/ Winch & 3-way SRL-R

Model Number: 6050428WR

  • Includes Davit Arm and Receiver Bracket for Winch or SRL-R devices
  • Davit Arm adjusts from 12" to 29"
  • 60' 3-way SRL-R and Personnel Winch include Galvanized Steel Cable
  • Also includes 3 pc portable and adjustable Davit Base
  • 33" Lower Mast Extension included
  • OSHA 1926.502
Online Price: $6,994.00
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5-Piece Confined Space Davit System with Personnel Winch & 3-Way SRL-R

Suspended scaffolding and swing stage scaffolding is ideal for performing maintenance or repair on the side of a building, but often, these are used in confined spaces that can be difficult to access. Having the right support is essential to safely operate these platforms and protect your team from dangerous falls. The 5-Piece Confined Space Davit System with Personnel Winch and 3-Way SRL-R is ideal for protecting your team and getting down into narrow spaces with ease.

What Is the Davit System

A davit is a piece of equipment that operates like a crane and is designed to support, raise, and lower people, platforms, and materials. On ships, davit systems are used to raise and lower lifeboats and are used for “man-overboard” rescue operations.

Davits come in a variety of styles, whether they are used to prevent or stop a fall, provide rescue, or support scaffolding or transport materials. Most are outfitted with a temporary or portable base that can be moved from one jobsite or part of the building, though it’s important to match the right base to the maximum davit reach for usage.

A Davit System for Confined Spaces

Many jobsites have confined areas with difficult entry and exit points. In the event of an emergency, such as when a worker experiences exposure to fumes, sudden illness, or a fall, the davit system outfitted with a self-retracting lifeline for rescue (SRL-R) can be a literal lifesaver.

The 5-piece Confined Space Davit System with Personnel Winch and 3-Way SRL-R is ideal for jobsites with confined spaces. It meets the fall protection requirements for OSHA 1926.502, and its 3-piece adjustable davit base is portable and easy to move.

This system comes with:

  • Davit arm
  • Receiver bracket for winch or SRL-R devices
  • 60-foot 3-way SRL-R
  • Personnel Winch with galvanized steel cable
  • 33-inch lower mast extension

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Weight 188 lbs


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