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Safety Boot Guardrail Fall Protection System

The Original Safety Maker Safety Boot Guardrail Fall Protection System is designed for residential or commercial applications.  

• Two 2X4's Create A Rigid Post - Leave Attached For Future Use

• High Impact Polymer Construction Is Lightweight

• Toeboard Slot Design Eliminates Tacking

• Eliminates Bracing. 10-1/2" Diagonal Footprint

• Anchors Into Most Surfaces, Including Concrete

• Instant Toeboards! 2X4's Meet Federal OSHA Requirements

• All Critical Stress Points Reinforced - Double Polymer Thickness

The Safety Boot Guardrail System is fast, efficient and strong, and can keep up with the pace of construction project. The Safety Boot provides peace of mind. Knowing that the system is on site and ready for installation as soon as that hazardous fall exposure is created, your employees and subcontractors will feel safer and be more productive knowing that their safety is a top priority on your job site.

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  • The Safety Boot Guardrail Fall Protection System provides residential or commercial contractors with a unique method of constructing free-standing, temporary guardrails that are fully reusable – even if all construction work is contracted to others. The special design and tough, high-impact polymer material allow fully compliant OSHA guardrail systems to be utilized for most fall protection situations with complete toeboard protection.
  • The Safety Boot anchors into most surfaces including concrete to create a strong, reliable free-standing temporary guardrail system. No bracing is needed. The Safety Boot Guardrail System is tested, proven and certified effective through a national engineering testing firm. Written documentation ships with each Safety Boot order verifying complete OSHA compliance.
  • Versatile, efficient guardrail systems that exceed OSHA guardrail regulations are reusable, easy to install and create a professional image on the project site. The Safety Boot Guardrail System allows full guardrail sections to be moved from floor to floor easily and without reassembling each individual section.
  • The entire guardrail system can easily be moved to the next building or level as the construction project progresses or until the permanent railings are installed. The Safety Boot provides edge protection as well as protection for stairways, walkways and corridors.
  • Long stretches of dependable guardrail systems are possible with the Safety Boot and proactive safety solutions are essential on large project sites where many workers come and go on a daily basis. Its freestanding and innovative design allows fully reusable guardrail systems, with complete toeboard protection, to be utilized in most construction situations.
  • The Safety Boot Guardrail System is a featured product on the OSHA.GOV website!
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12 Units Contractor Pack, 24 Units Contractor Pack, 288 Units Bulk Pallet, 4 Units Basic Pack


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