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Roofing Equipment


Model Number: 1000

  • Self-cleaning arm
  • Rubber feet
  • Easy to Adjust and will mount on roof 3 different ways
  • Patented action, no blade to sharpen or replace
Tags: roof, roofing, shingle
Online Price: $438.00
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Cut roof shingles easily and with precision thanks to the Shingle Shark Shingle Cutter. You’ll be able to make accurate and repeatable cuts at any angle, as well as lengthwise cuts for a starter row along the edge of the roof. This versatile machine cuts through a variety of different shingle materials, featuring an adjustable blade for optimum cutting action. With built-in safety features, a self-cleaning cutting arm, and sturdy construction, the Shingle Shark will make your roofing work faster.

Weight 48 lbs


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