Biltmore Estate Repair

Job: Biltmore Estate
Location: Asheville, NC
Building: Historic Biltmore Estate
Equipment Used: Systems Scaffold
Need for Equipment: Repair work on copper ridge caps

The historic Biltmore Estate was built in 1889 as a mansion house for George Vanderbilt. Today it is a museum that thousands of people a day come from all over the world to visit. Keeping this property maintained is a huge task and for this project the handmade copper ridge caps on one of the roof’s peaks were in need of restoration.

The scaffold erection team from Knoxville, TN built an internal scaffold tower to support an exterior scaffold built to provide a working platform to remove and replace the custom copper ridge caps. The scaffold shown in the pictures is built on trusses that are supported by the scaffold tower on the inside of the building. The team was extremely careful when erecting and dismantling this project to ensure that the historic site was not damaged in any way.

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