USC Williams-Brice Stadium

Job: Systems Scaffolding at USC Williams-Brice Stadium
Location: Columbia, SC
Equipment Used: Systems Scaffolding
Need for Equipment: Gain access for upgrades to electrical, sound, and LED ribbon boards.

Why did the customer need systems scaffold and how was it used?

The customer needed access to the existing lights and electrical to remove and upgrade the lighting, sound systems, and ribbon boards at Williams-Brice Stadium. We provided scaffolding on the East, South, and West elevations at various heights for multiple trades. For the ribbon boards, we installed long runs of continuous scaffolding for uninterrupted work. The contractors needed deck heights on nearly all the upper levels, including rolling towers and baker scaffolding where system scaffolding wouldn’t fit. We were then asked to go back and build more scaffolding on the North side for access to the scoreboard LEDs as well.

What challenges did the Associated Scaffolding team face on this job?

The university was under a major time constraint due to the start date of the 2022-23 football season. We needed to get the scaffolding built quickly so that all the trades could jump right in and do their work. We were all-hands-on-deck to get this job finished as scheduled.

Site coordination was key. This job required 9 full tractor-trailer loads of material. Personnel were on site to handle logistics and take the initial deliveries. Columbia Branch’s warehouse supervisor was there to keep the site organized. With great leadership on this job, our teams knew every detail of the site and were able to stay on schedule with each phase.

Once it was complete, ASC employees continued to service the university with inspections every morning at 5:30 am for the entirety of the project. There were 28 separate set-ups, some with multiple access points (some with 6-8). Every ladder access had a tag that needed signed by one of our team members before the sun had even come up!

What made this project unique?

Not only was this a major undertaking in terms of manpower and time constraints, it was a major undertaking in terms of the size. This job required more than 275,000 lbs of scaffolding. It had to be erected in days, it had to be inspected at 5:30 am every day for 53 days, and it had to be completely dismantled and cleared out in under 10 days.

All the rush was so the USC fans and players could have an amazing experience on that opening night. Our teams are proud of the work done at the stadium to help the South Carolina Gamecocks host their home opener againist the Georgia State Panthers.

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