JMU Stadium Systems Scaffolding

James Madison University

Job: JMU Football Stadium Systems Scaffolding
Location: Harrisonburg, VA
Equipment Used: System scaffold
Need for Equipment: To access the stadium structure so that netting could be installed to prevent birds and other animals from nesting.

Case Study: JMU Football Stadium

The James Madison University football stadium—also known as the Bridgeforth Stadium or the Zane Showker Field—has been the home of the Dukes since first being built in 1975. 

The stadium has seen its fair share of renovations since then, including an expansion in 1981, a $62 million renovation in 2011, and several smaller modifications and improvements steadily throughout the years. 

In all of its iterations, the JMU Football Stadium has played host to not just JMU’s football stars during the season, but to plenty of events in the off-season—both athletic and non-athletic. The field is a training ground for the Dukes, a practice space for the Marching Royal Dukes, a meeting space for several of the university’s athletic programs, and a venue for campus-wide events. Plus, the East stand is home to offices and meeting spaces often utilized by faculty and students. 

Tackling a project like this one is a tall order. As the 12th largest stadium in the Sun Belt Conference, the stadium has room for up to 24,877 guests and reaches an impressive 134 feet into the sky.

As one of the leading public universities in the country, the Bridgeforth Stadium serves as a reminder of the school’s strong legacy—first established in 1908—and impressive reputation.  

The Challenge:

The James Madison University football stadium is not only one of the most commonly used and frequently visited structures on the campus, but it is also one of the biggest. Our job was to provide and construct a scaffolding that would allow teams to have access to the stadium’s structure, in order to install netting to prevent birds and other curious creatures from nesting. 

The Solution:

The answer to this challenge was the use of systems scaffolding. Systems scaffolding is made up of a system of individual steel scaffolds. These can be connected to fit anywhere, extended to the necessary height for the project, quickly constructed to get the job done, and deconstructed just as quickly for minimal disruption in day-to-day function. 

Plus, the system’s scaffolding does not interfere with the existing structure of the stadium or threaten its integrity in any way, making it ideal for such an iconic landmark.  

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