Grace Episcopal Charleston

Grace Episcopal Church

Job: Grace Episcopal Church

Location: Charleston, South Carolina

Building: Grace Episcopal Church

Equipment Used: System scaffold, re-shoring, scaffold wrap

Need for Equipment: Building Restoration

Case Study: Grace Episcopal Church 

Since it was first constructed in 1846, Grace Church Cathedral, also known as Grace Episcopal Church, has been a place of gathering and worship for the Charleston community. The striking Gothic-style building was the brainchild of sixty-one citizens of the town and was designed by Edward Brickell White.


Grace Episcopal Church has been preserved for over a century and a half, surviving wars, earthquakes, and hurricanes. Throughout its vibrant life, the building has also seen some additions and renovations: Between 1950 and 1970, the one-of-a-kind stained glass windows were added, made up of 10,000 individual pieces of glass. In the early 2000s, structural issues were revealed by earthquakes and were repaired with the help of a $12 million restoration completed in 2017. 


Our team at Associated Scaffolding was asked to provide the tools for the restoration to be completed, all while preserving the integrity of a building so sacred to the Charleston Episcopal community. 

The Challenge

The challenge presented by this project for the Grace Episcopal Church was creating a system of scaffolding that would allow the team to repair the integral structural damage, and reach the heights of the steeple, without compromising the integrity of the building. We also needed to be able to quickly construct and deconstruct the scaffolding to make sure that the church could begin providing services once again quickly and seamlessly. 

All of this had to be done respectfully, so as not to impede on the sacred space of the Grace Episcopal Church. 

The Solution: Systems Scaffolding and Re-shoring

To get around these issues, we suggested and provided systems scaffolding for the team working on the reconstruction. System scaffolding is made up of individual steel components, which can be connected to fit anywhere and any shape, and for any purpose. These systems can be erected and taken down relatively quickly as well. 

Our team was also able to provide re-shoring for the project. Reshoring, usually made of steel frames and posts, provide stable and safe support for the weight of the project as new walls or structures are being added or renovated. 

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