Novant Health

Job: Novant Health
Location: Kernersville, North Carolina
Building: Novant Health
Equipment Used: Systems Scaffolding
Need for Equipment: Gain access to a dumpster from 2nd story of building from 50′ away
Job Challenges: Working around landscaping and changing elevation

Novant Health, located in Kernersville, NC, is a medical center providing emergency services, inpatient care, and other medical services. They were having renovations completed and needed to gain access to their dumpster from the second story of a building located 50 feet away. However, this was significantly more challenging than simply going downstairs and across a parking lot or paved area, but with our help, the team can access the area safely and efficiently. 

The Challenge

Novant Health is a large facility with uneven grounds that are heavily landscaped and have rolling hills surrounding the area. While lovely, it creates challenges when constructing a scaffolding as we wanted to build a safe, secure walkway that would allow the construction team to access the trash receptacles. Our goal was to have a wide platform that went from the second floor of Novant Health and was constructed over the rolling terrain and existing landscaping shrubbery to end in a set of stairs near the dumpster. 

The Solution

Using systems scaffolding, our team constructed a custom solution that allowed us to leverage the varying leg heights of the platforms in order to achieve an even pathway over uneven terrain. With a wide platform, several people can walk comfortably or push trash receptacles with ample space. 

Why Choose Systems Scaffolding?

Unlike other scaffolding, systems scaffolding, also called ring lock or cup lock scaffold, is 100 percent customizable. Each individual steel component can be locked together to create unique shapes, making it convenient to use around large buildings, in boiler rooms, or in confined spaces. Here, it worked perfectly because we could use different lengths to place the legs of the scaffold at different elevations and the platform itself would be more even.  

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