Interior Renovation: St. Andrews Catholic Church

Job: St. Andrews Catholic Church
Location: Roanoke, Virginia
Building: St. Andrews Catholic Church
Equipment Used: Systems scaffolding
Need for Equipment: Gain access to walls and ceiling of the church for painting and repair
Job Challenges: Working around pews and being overall extremely careful on a historic site

Case Study: St. Andrews Catholic Church in Roanoke, VA

St. Andrews Catholic Church, located in Roanoke, Virginia, is a beautiful church featuring buff brick and sandstone, a slate roof with copper details, and 15 striking stained glass windows around the sanctuary. The church was originally dedicated in 1902 and its craftsmanship has held up over the decades, but work has been needed over the past decade. While the original wooden steeples were replaced in 2014 with steel structures, additional work has been needed on the interior to paint and repair the walls and ceiling. 

In order for the work to be completed safely and allow the construction team to access the highest points of the ceiling, the construction company reached out to Associated Scaffolding to assist them with a local Virginia scaffold solution. While there were multiple challenges to constructing a scaffold, our team was able to provide access solutions that ensured the construction team could safely complete the necessary work and restore the sanctuary to its original beauty.  

The Challenge

St. Andrews Catholic Church has a large sanctuary with a stunning domed ceiling that is multiple stories high as well as complex architectural and decorative elements along the wall. We were tasked with constructing a scaffolding solution that would allow the construction team to access the highest areas of the ceiling and the walls. Additionally, we needed to take care to avoid damaging the historic building while also constructing the foundation of the scaffold around multiple pews. 

The Solution: Systems Scaffolding

Our team used systems scaffolding to create a custom solution that offered two key benefits. First, we could use different lengths of boards and different heights of the legs to successfully navigate around the pews. Also, because each component can be individually locked together, we could build the scaffolding around the perimeter of the interior of the sanctuary, even factoring in the architectural elements on the walls. Using angled support beams, we could then take the scaffold higher to create safe ceiling access that wouldn’t interfere with the function of the sanctuary.  

Why Choose Systems Scaffolding?

We chose systems scaffolding, also called ring lock or cup lock scaffold, because it is 100 percent customizable. Every individual steel component is put together to construct unique shapes, making it possible to use around large buildings as well as in confined spaces or around awkward-shaped structures. 

For St. Andrews Catholic Church, it was the ideal solution because we could create a safe access solution to the domed ceiling as well while ensuring safety and care in this historic site.  

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