Burruss Hall, Virginia Tech University

Virginia Tech University

Job: Burruss Hall Admin Building
Location: Blacksburg, VA
Building: Administration
Equipment Used:
 Systems Scaffolding
Need for Equipment: Replacing Hokie Stone, pointing, and replacing windows


Case Study: Burruss Hall

The main administration building for Virginia Tech. It features a 3,003-seat auditorium that hosts significant events like commencements, presidential speeches, concerts, and arts shows. Named after the eighth University president, Julian Ashby Burruss, the building also houses offices, studios, and classrooms for the College of Architecture and Urban Studies. The original structure that we are scaffolding now was built in 1936, but has been added onto over the years.

Interesting to note: J.A. Burruss was instrumental in admitting women as full-time students and reducing the military requirement for male students to two years, leading to a larger civilian student body.

The Challenge:

Having to erect the system scaffold on an active building. High School commencements have been taking place on weekends, and equipment must be staged in areas that will not disrupt these graduation ceremonies. In order to get the trades teams in as soon as possible we needed to have all hands on deck, with carefully orchestrated site coordination. Over 170,000lbs. of equipment was delivered, including 2 material hoists, overhead protection walk-thru scaffolds, system scaffolding and trash chutes.


The Solution:

For both speed and accessibility, our team used systems scaffolding to quickly erect the structure that would work for all of the teams that needed to be on site. This scaffolding is made up of individual steel components, which can then be connected and configured around the structure. 

We provided scaffolding on the East, North, South, and West elevations at various heights for multiple trades. The contractors needed deck heights on all 14 levels rising to 95’ in height.


What challenges did the Associated Scaffolding team face on this job?

Associated Scaffolding had limited real estate for a lay down area for our equipment. Deliveries had to be made for material that will be used in the immediate erection process only, in order to eliminate excess clutter on the ground. Parking was very limited. 

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