Biltmore Offices Trash Chute

Job: Biltmore Offices
Location: Asheville, NC
Building: Administration office building for the Biltmore Estate
Equipment Used: Systems scaffold, stairs, and debris chute
Need for Equipment: provide access to the roof and debris removal

The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC is a huge operation that needs a support staff to ensure every part is working like a machine. This staff is housed in an administration building off of the Estate. The building needed some roofing work done and Associated Scaffolding was contacted.

To perform their work safely and efficiently the contractor needed a way to access the roof and a solution to bring debris off the roof. The team at Associated Scaffolding was able to provide a temporary 90’ tower made of systems scaffold that included a stair and debris chute. This allowed the contractor to access the roof externally via the stair tower as well as dispose of trash and construction debris with the chutes.

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