Edgemont Tower Trash Chute & Scaffolding Rental

Job: Edgemont Tower Trash Chute
Location: Bristol, TN
Building: High-rise apartment building
Equipment Used: Systems scaffold and debris chutes
Need for Equipment: Removal of material during renovations

This temporary trash chute and scaffolding were 5′ wide with a 5′ long base. The scaffold was tied into the building at 4 levels. The scaffold had one deck level at the top in order to access the trash chute from the building roof level. The deck and chute were 99’5″ in height, with handrails and toeboards.

Case Study: The Edgemont Tower Project

Edgemont Towers has been providing affordable housing to residents of Bristol, Tennessee for over 40 years. This block of 200+ housing units is one of the tallest buildings in Bristol. The only other building as tall is another set of housing units.

After 40 years of service to the community, the building needed renovation. Balconies, stairwells, and individual units all needed attention. After contractors won the bid to perform the renovations, trash and debris removal was required.

The Challenge

Edgemont Towers is a large building and multiple work crews were going to be on-site to perform the necessary repairs. Providing a safe and efficient way to remove construction debris was essential for a successful project.

There were a few complicating factors. First, this is a residential building and was in use at the time. So, contractors and residents needed a trash chute that was safe and not intrusive. Second, the building is tall. While the ten stories of Edgemont Towers don’t quite make it a skyscraper, the height was significant. The chute needed to withstand wind gusts and the wear and tear of debris falling over 100 feet to the waiting collection point.

The Solution: Temporary Trash Chute Rental

We installed a 5-foot wide trash chute attached to some systems scaffolding. The scaffold had a deck level at the top so they could access the trash chute from the roof level. Our chute was 99 feet high. We added handrails and toeboards for extra safety. 

The presence of the chute enabled debris to be removed from all levels of the building when the renovations took place. We positioned openings on each floor so that debris could be inserted from anywhere with ease. A dumpster at the bottom collected all the trash and debris. This could be emptied as needed.

To help residents, we fitted dust gaiters to each section of the trash chute. These simple attachments wrap around the joints and keep dust from exiting the chute. Dust gaiters promote a cleaner work site and are a necessity when working on or near occupied buildings.

Systems Scaffold

Trash chutes will often be used alongside systems scaffold, which is also known as ring lock scaffold or cup lock scaffold. It is very versatile and can be built around almost any structure. We use it on any kind of construction site and for any length of the project. We can attach a trash chute to the scaffold on one side of the building for ease of access. 

All different home-improvement trades rent system scaffold. Masons, maintenance workers, electrical workers, and more will all rent this type of scaffold when they need secure working platforms at height. Visit our system scaffolding rental page for more information.

Trash Chutes for Sale or Rent

You can purchase trash chutes or rent them. Sometimes one may be needed for a longer-term project and in this instance it may make more sense to buy one. They are sold in sections and with accessories such as dust gaiters. For fixed-term jobs, it makes sense to rent debris chutes. If your company can reuse the trash chute or has multiple projects, then it may make sense to buy trash chutes for your projects.

Previous Projects

Associated Scaffolding have been trusted with a wide range of projects in recent years. These have included St. Andrew’s Catholic Church in Roanoake, VA. This location provided certain challenges because of the shape of the building. It’s an unusual shape, and we did not want to damage the structure. We could use systems scaffolding with different lengths of boards so that it fit around the domes. This type of scaffolding allows for easy customization so that large or awkwardly shaped buildings will present no difficulties. 

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