Liberty University Cupola

Job: Liberty University Systems Scaffolding
Location: Lynchburg, Virginia
Building: Liberty University School of Business
Equipment Used: Systems scaffold and stairs
Need for Equipment: Gain access to the cupola for repairs

Case Study: Liberty University School of Business

Liberty University was first founded in 1971, and in that time has become one of the world’s largest private non-profit universities in the United States. The growth of the university in the course of its fifty years has entailed many additions and repairs to help the institution better serve its student body.

One of the most significant of these was the recent construction of the Liberty University School of Business, a 78,000-square-foot structure where any of the 152 programs in the school, from the certificate to the doctoral level, will be completed. 

Crowning the three stories of this prestigious building is a cupola, a  dome-like structure on top of a building designed to let more light into the space. When that cupola needed some repairs completed recently, Liberty University recruited a team who then turned to Associated Scaffolding for solutions to keep the workers safe and the structure from being disturbed.

The Challenge:

The Liberty University School of Business is a hub of activity in an already bustling academic center. Our challenge was providing support for the team completing the repairs on this structure that not only would not disturb the day-to-day activities on campus, but could also provide access to all parts of the cupola itself—which stood three stories above ground level, and itself was a couple of stories high. 

The Solution

When developing a plan to tackle this project, we recommended systems scaffolding to the client. Systems scaffolding is an adaptable and efficient scaffolding option, made up of vertical and horizontal steel poles held together at connection points. They are also commonly referred to as ring lock or cup lock scaffold, and are largely known for both their versatility and the speed at which they can be erected and deconstructed once a project is complete. 

The flexibility of the system’s scaffolding is perfect for the cupola project, as it can be adapted to fit all of the angles and curves of the structure. Plus, these systems can be built as tall as needed to reach every part that needs repair. 

Commonly used for construction, restoration, and even design trades, we recommend these systems when masons, painters, mechanics, painters, and electricians, and any other tradesmen need to get in and out of certain unique spaces relatively quickly, while keeping both them and those below safe.

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