Ole Red Gatlinburg Temporary Scaffolding

Job: Ole Red Gatlinburg Temporary Scaffolding
Location: Gatlinburg, TN
Building: Blake Shelton’s Ole Red Restaurant
Equipment Used: System scaffold
Need for Equipment: Apply stucco to the exterior of the building.

Case Study: Ole Red Restaurant

Located in the middle of bustling downtown Gatlinburg, where between 10 and 15 million visitors head each year on their way to or from the Smoky Mountains, Blake Shelton’s third Ole Red restaurant location has no problem churning up interest or attracting clientele. 

In 2019, Ryman Hospitality Properties completed a $9 million transformation of the former Riverbend Mall, creating a 13,500-square-foot venue housing a restaurant, live music venue, dance floor, two bars, and a gift shop—as well as plenty of terrace space for outdoor dining. The building can seat around 370 people at once, which is great news for all of Gatlinburg’s visitors and locals looking for a spot to unwind with some live music.

Before its completion, though, was the immense task of renovating such a large space into a safe, cohesive, and full-function multi-use venue. In order to do so, several teams worked for months to complete the project as soon as possible, with the help of the right tools and techniques. 

The Challenge:

When it came time to apply stucco to the exterior of the building, it was clear that the project would require the use of scaffolding in order to reach every part of the massive building. Our biggest challenges had nothing to do with the size of the space, and more to do with the location: On one side, a bustling street with thousands of visitors each day, and on the other, the Cliff Branch river running right along the back.

The Solution:

The solution for the teams building Ole Red Gatlinburg came in the form of our systems scaffolding. These scaffolds, also known as ring lock or cup-in-lock scaffolding, are completely customizable, allowing for flexibility to build around the project while also keeping working crews safe on sturdy supports. Strong steel supports, available as both horizontal and vertical pieces, are locked together to create the perfect fit around the structure. Different lengths of poles and different sizes of platforms are selected for optimal workspace and safety. 

For the Ole Red Gatlinburg temporary scaffolding, Associated Scaffolding constructed 3 different scaffolds with 32-foot pick boards for the crew to work on. The structure was 7′ x 7′ with 3 deck levels to reach each floor of the venue. These measured 11 feet, 17 feet, and 24 feet in height. These provide access to the building’s facade so that the stucco could be easily applied.

This temporary scaffolding is also quick to erect and dismantle, so we were able to have it out of the crowded area quickly to avoid major disruptions.

Temporary Scaffolding

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