Oaks Castle Roof Repair

Oaks Castle

Job: Oaks Castle
Location: Johnson City, TN
Building: Historic site built in the late 1910s
Equipment Used: Systems Scaffold
Need for Equipment: Exterior renovation, roof replacement, tuckpointing

The Oaks Castle in Johnson City, TN is a historic site with a very storied past. Associated Scaffolding was contacted to help contractors with the job of bringing this historic site back to life and ensure it stood for many years to come.

This project presented a unique challenge for our team because of the historic status of the building. This meant our scaffold erection team could not anchor, or tie, into the building. The scaffolding structure had to be entirely free standing and support itself without causing any harm to the building. Our teams face this challenge often and take extra care in these environments to ensure the historic properties of the building are persevered. Once the scaffold was completed the contractors were able to preform brick mason work, roofing restoration, and tuckpointing around the entire building.

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