RDU Airport (Terminal C)

RDU Airport (Terminal C)

Job: RDU Airport
Location: Morrisville, NC
Building: New airport terminal at RDU airport
Equipment Used: Systems scaffold and frame scaffold
Need for Equipment: Work platforms for installation of exterior panels

The Raleigh / Durham area in NC has experienced a huge amount of growth in recent years, and the RDU International Airport is trying to keep up. The construction of a new terminal has the long-term goal of keeping up with this growth.

The unique design of this building presented access challenges that Associated Scaffolding was able to resolve. Local scaffold erection teams from Durham, NC were able to provide solutions in the form of systems ring lock scaffold structures along the extremely large window wall of the terminal’s lobby. This allowed contractors to install exterior panels to the side of the roofing structure. Teams also provided a wrapping scaffold platform around the architectural tower depicting an airplane wing on the building’s roof. This allowed contractors to install exterior panels to that structure as well.

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