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Construction Tarps


Model Number: SNOWTARP

  • 18 oz heavy-duty PVC-coated polyester
  • Stock color: Black
  • Stock size:  20’x20’
  • Webbing Color:  yellow
  • Manufactured with 4 Heavy-Duty lifting slings sewn in each corner  for ease of movement
  • Stainless Steel, rust-proof grommets installed 24” on center around the perimeter of the tarp
  • Webbing-reinforced perimeter
  • Heat-sealed seam construction
  • Constructed with heavy-duty, UV-resistant thread with “lockstitch sewing” around the perimeter
  • Made in the USA
Online Price: $480.00
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Construction site snow removal has never been easier thanks to the Strong Man Snow Removal Tarp. Strong Man quality combined with a practical way to remove freshly fallen snow makes this a must have for every jobsite.  Simply lay your tarp out before the snow falls, yellow webbing always facing down, attach the corners to a crane or lift after the snowfall and lift the snow off of your jobsite and watch your productivity and efficiency improve. A practical solution for a common problem. And most importantly, it’s safe.

*For use with freshly fallen snow only
*Never use a damaged, torn or ripped tarp
*Not designed to move equipment, tools, construction paraphernalia, supplies or other jobsite items
*Webbing must always face down when being used
*Never stand under tarp that is in use and never maneuver/move tarp over jobsite personnel or buildings that may contain jobsite personnel.

Tarp Lifting Capacity Maximum: 4,000 lbs
Initial Lift of 2,000 lbs with additional lifts in 500 lb increments to an end point of 4,000 lbs.
Lift Cycle test: 200 lifts at 4,000 lbs


  • Jobsite snow removal
  • Superior fabrication and Strong Man Quality
  • Easy to use & efficient
  • Helps to keep your jobsite on schedule & on budget by saving you labor & lost man hours

Please call 919-226-3466 to have our expert figure your next project and receive a complete quote, including shipping.

Weight 65 lbs


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