Greensboro Double Tree

Double Tree Hotel

Job: Double Tree Hotel
Location: Greensboro, NC
Building: 12-story Double Tree Hotel
Equipment Used: Systems scaffold, re-shoring, and stair towers
Need for Equipment: Complete exterior renovation


The Double Tree Hotel, located in Greensboro, NC, is a 12-story hotel with 175 guest rooms, conference spaces, and a restaurant. However, its refreshed interior was hidden by an outdated exterior, and the management decided that a comprehensive exterior renovation was in order. No matter what, a 12-story building renovation would be challenging, but other factors compounded the difficulty of the task. However, we were able to assist with sensible access solutions that allowed their construction team to access every part of the building’s exterior safely and efficiently.

The Challenge

The Double Tree is a massive building at 12 stories tall. Building scaffolding to cover this size of a building is not difficult on its own, but the ground area around the hotel was very uneven. Our goal was to first create a stable, steady base upon which to erect the scaffolding and ensure safe, efficient access to every floor along the exterior of the hotel.

The Solution

First, we knew we would need re-shoring that would allow us to avoid having to use the uneven ground at the base of the hotel. Instead, we built the scaffolding base on cantilever steel I-beams. This means the I-beams were anchored into the hotel and projected outward for a safe, even base. From there, we could begin erecting the scaffolding around the entire building, working our way up all 12 stories.

With the re-shoring base in place, we chose systems scaffolding to quickly and easily create a structure surrounding the building that would feature a wide platform and safety bars to prevent falls, and offer comprehensive access to every part of the exterior.  Finally, we also built stair towers that ensured the renovation team could climb up and down the building safely and efficiently, even as they carried tools and supplies.

Why Choose Systems Scaffolding?

Unlike other options, systems scaffolding, also called ring lock or cup lock scaffold, can be customized to any shape, height, or function. Every steel component is locked together so it can extend around boiler rooms, in confined spaces, or, in this case, it could completely wrap up a large hotel. It worked perfectly because it connected to the I-beams securely and allowed us to build staircases up the side of the building.  

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