St. Andrews Catholic Church

Job: St. Andrews Catholic Church
Location: Roanoke, VA
Building: Historic St. Andrews’s Catholic Church
Equipment Used: Systems scaffold, stairs, and material hoist
Need for Equipment: Steeple replacement

Built in Roanoke, VA in 1902, the historic St. Andrews’s Catholic Church has distinctive twin Gothic towers, both topped with copper steeples that needed to be restored. Associated Scaffolding was contacted with an opportunity to provide access to the more than 100′ tall steeples.

Lead by the scaffold erection team from Greensboro, NC a scaffold structure made of systems ring lock was built around the entire front of the church from top to bottom. The scaffold included a temporary stair tower and multiple material hoists to get equipment to the top of the job site. The church remained open during this project, so our teams took extra care to ensure the job site remained clean and free of debris. With the church open, protection over the entrance and front stairs of the church was also needed. The scaffold teams erected overhead protection to keep the congregation safe during the restoration.

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