Steeple Replacement: St. Andrews Catholic Church

Job: St. Andrews scaffolding rental
Location: Roanoke, VA
Building: Historic St. Andrews’s Catholic Church in Roanoke, Virginia
Equipment Used: Systems scaffold, stairs, and material hoist
Need for Equipment: Steeple replacement

Case Study: 

Constructed in 1902, St. Andrews’s Catholic Church in Roanoke, VA, has become a landmark both in the community and beyond due to its distinctive twin Gothic towers and breathtaking size. 

Located on one of the highest knolls in the historic city, the buff brick and Ohio sandstone structure has been compared to some of the most well-known cathedrals of Rouen and Chartres in France. The fifteen stained glass windows—including two measuring 30 feet by 12 feet and imported from the Franz Meyer Company in Munich, Germany—sit above the white marble altars imported from Italy, and below the sandstone, slate, and copper roof. St. Andrews Catholic Church was even added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1973, cementing its legacy. 

That storied reputation means that any changes, repairs, or reconstructions have to be handled carefully, so as not to disturb the activities of this community center or the integrity of the building itself. 

So when Associated Scaffolding was recruited to provide access to the copper steeples in need of restoration, which stand at more than 100-feet tall, we took the job very seriously. 

The Challenge

When designing the scaffolding system for St. Andrews Cathedral, there were a few challenges we faced. 

The height of the copper steeples required careful planning to be sure the scaffolding would not affect the structure of the building. The church remained open during this project, so our teams took extra care to ensure the job site remained clean and free of debris. With the church open, protection over the entrance and front stairs of the church was also needed

The Solution

Led by the scaffold erection team from Greensboro, NC a scaffold structure made of systems ring lock was built around the entire front of the church from top to bottom. This scaffolding is made up of a system of vertical and horizontal poles and boards, joined together as needed for a customized structure. 

The scaffold for St. Andrews Catholic Church included a temporary stair tower and multiple material hoists to get equipment to the top of the job site and keep the team working on the restoration safe. 

Because the church remained open, the scaffold teams also erected overhead protection to keep the congregation safe during the restoration.

Once completed, the simple construction of the system’s scaffolding made it easy for us to quickly deconstruct and remove it. 

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Schedule the delivery of your scaffolding at your convenience, and Associate Scaffolding will bring it straight to the site and complete the setup. Once you’re done, we arrive to dismantle and remove the scaffolding—the only evidence left behind is the completed project. 

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