Odd Fellows

Job: Odd Fellows Systems Scaffolding
Location: Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Building: Stadium
Equipment Used: Systems scaffold
Need for Equipment: Provide access to the building facade while safely covering a public walkway

Case Study: The Sovereign Grand Lodge of the Odd Fellows

In the heart of downtown Winston-Salem sits The Sovereign Grand Lodge of the Odd Fellows and Wildey Museum, a testament to the 200-year-old fraternal order known as the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF). 

This building doesn’t just house the headquarters of the illustrious Odd Fellows; it is also home to the Thomas Wildey Museum. Named for the founder of the IOOF, the museum contains Odd Fellows memorabilia like antiques, books, and more. 

But it isn’t just the museum that catches the eye of passersby; the facade itself alludes to the history inside. Built almost a century ago, the Odd Fellows headquarters is a worthy match for its neighboring structures. Together, the architecture of these buildings in Downtown North Historic District earned the area a spot on the National Register of Historic Places in 2002

But what do you do when you have to update a building with such history, especially one that houses an organization older than the city itself?

The Challenge

Our team faced two challenges while working on The Sovereign Grand Lodge of the Odd Fellows. The first was to make sure the scaffolding didn’t obstruct or damage the integrity and materials of the original facade, which might have disturbed the historic building and surrounding area. 

The second was to provide access to the building facade while still safely covering a public walkway beneath. In an area that sees as much foot traffic as downtown, this was especially important.

The Solution

With a tight timeline for the project, we needed a solution that would be quick to erect, without sacrificing safety or accessibility. The answer? Systems scaffolding. 

Systems scaffolding is composed of many individual steel components, including vertical steel poles joined together at connecting points. Also known as ring lock or cup lock scaffold, these can be quickly constructed around virtually any structure and at extensive heights. They can be used either while building a new structure or for restorations such as the ones being completed on the Odd Fellows headquarters. Plus, they can be deconstructed just as quickly once the job is done to leave no trace—except for the stunning finished product. 

Since systems scaffolding is so often used by tradesmen such as masons, mechanics, painters, and electricians, our team recommended and provided this equipment for the project so that the team working on the facade could complete the repairs quickly, safely, and efficiently. We delivered and installed the system to fit the specifications of the historic building, and once completed, we returned to deconstruct and remove the scaffolding. 

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