Salem Veterans Hospital

Salem Veterans Hospital

Job: Salem Veterans Hospital
Location: Salem, VA
Equipment Used: System scaffold
Need for Equipment: The scaffold was needed to gain access to the roof for repair.

Built in 1934, the Salem Veteran Affairs Medical Center is one of the largest VA hospitals in Virginia. Serving a 26-county area in Southwest Virginia, this large facility has served over 100,000 veterans of the Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. Recently, the Salem VA Medical Center required a roof replacement, and to do the job safely and efficiently, the roofing team reached out to Associated Scaffolding for quality scaffolding solutions. 

The Challenge

Salem VA Medical Center is a sprawling facility with multiple entrances and exits as well as balconies and walkways on the higher floors. Also, there were several elevations to the roof, requiring a variety of heights necessary to access each area. Our goal was to erect a scaffolding that would allow the roofing company to easily and safely transport materials and access the roof, but it wouldn’t block necessary entrances and exits while working in conjunction with multi-story walkways. 

The Solution

Our team used systems scaffolding to build a scaffold around the entire Salem VA Medical Center. Also called cup-and-lock scaffold or ring lock scaffolding, this is a 100 percent customizable solution. Each steel component is locked together individually, so we can use different lengths of steel poles or platforms to fit safely around the building angles or work on different elevations. 

With wide platforms and customizable heights, we were able to fully surround the building to ensure safe access to the roof without compromising the veterans’ ability to enter and exit the building safely. 

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