UVA Pinn Hall

UVA Pinn Hall

Job: UVA Pinn Hall
Location: Charlottesville, VA
Equipment Used: Systems scaffold, re-shoring, scaffold wrap
Need for Equipment: Complete exterior brick replacement

Case Study: UVA Pinn Hall 


The University of Virginia Pinn Hall Conference Center is located between the School of Medicine and the Medical Center on the UVA campus and is the central research facility for 10 departments. Pinn Hall houses the University’s School of Medicine, where future medical professionals are taught the curriculum that will later help save lives or cure diseases. 


While the building was first constructed in 1972, it wasn’t until 2016 that it received its current name. The renaming of Jordan Hall to Pinn Hall was voted on by the Board of Visitors, in honor of Vivian Pinn, a 1967 graduate of the School of Medicine, and the first African-American woman to chair Howard University College of Medicine’s Department of Pathology. Pinn also served as the first director of the National Institute of Health’s Office of Research on Women’s Health


Our team was asked to undertake the process of replacing all the exterior bricks, including structural stabilization and new window installation. 


The Challenge


Pinn Hall is at the heart of the medical school on the UVA campus. We were tasked with constructing scaffolding that could quickly be erected and deconstructed, that would make the job efficiently, and that would not distract or impede the work of the students who use the building and its surrounding structures.


The Solution: Systems Scaffolding


We were able to provide systems scaffolding for the team doing the brick replacement in Pinn Hall. We recommended systems scaffolding for this particular perfect for its flexibility and adaptability. This type of scaffold is made up of individual steel components, which can be connected to fit anywhere, and for any purpose. 


In addition to systems scaffolding, Associated Scaffolding also recommended and provided re-shoring. Re-shoring is used to support the weight of beams or floors in a building while a wall is being removed or renovated. They are made of steel frames and adjustable posts and can support a wide weight range to ensure safety when working on a building’s structural components.


Associates Scaffolding also provided scaffold wrap to the team working on Pinn Hall. This wrap allowed the team some protection from wind and other weather conditions, to keep the process moving along efficiently and ensure the timely completion of the project. You can view additional featured projects in our project gallery


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