When working at heights of any kind, your team’s safety is the first priority. That’s why fall protection equipment, such as safety harnesses, are at the top of our checklist when working on any project and with every client. 

At Associated Scaffolding, we’ve been serving our industry as a full-service access equipment and safety supply company for over 70 years—which means selecting the best safety harnesses available as technology and industry standards evolve. 

Going into 2024, several top-rated safety harnesses stand out for their quality, comfort, and compliance with safety standards. We’ve got your guide to them all. 

Men wearing safety harnesses as they climb a building

What is A Safety Harness?

Safety harnesses are personal protective equipment designed to keep workers safe and secure when working at heights, such as on scaffolding or other elevated structures. They are an essential component of fall protection systems, along with lanyards, retractable lifelines, and anchor points.

Safety harnesses typically consist of:

  • A body harness, which is worn around the worker’s torso and provides support in case of a fall
  • A lanyard or retractable lifeline, which is attached to the harness and allows the worker to move freely while maintaining a connection to the anchor point
  • An anchor point, which is a secure attachment point for the lanyard or retractable lifeline

Together, these components form a comprehensive safety system.

Benefits of Safety Harnesses

Obviously, the fall protection granted by solid safety harnesses is the most important benefit, but it isn’t the only one. 

Fall Protection

The significance of fall protection cannot be overstated regarding safety harnesses. In the unfortunate event of a fall, well-designed safety harnesses can mitigate potential injuries. By distributing the impact force across the body, the harness minimizes the shock and stress on specific areas, thereby reducing the overall risk of harm. 


Beyond their life-saving functionality, safety harnesses are engineered with user comfort in mind. Recognizing that workers may need to wear these harnesses for extended periods, often during difficult tasks, manufacturers of the best safety harnesses prioritize ergonomic design and lightweight materials. This ensures that individuals can move freely and perform their duties without experiencing discomfort or fatigue. 


The adaptability and versatility of safety harnesses make them an absolute necessity on projects across a spectrum of industries and applications. This versatility provides a consistent and effective means of safeguarding workers in environments where the risk of falls is a constant concern. As a result, safety harnesses serve as a universal safety measure, contributing to the overall safety culture in various work settings.

How to Choose a Safety Harness

When choosing safety harnesses, a few factors must be considered more heavily than others.

Safety Standards and Testing

Ensure that the harness meets the necessary safety standards and has been tested for compliance with these standards. This includes standards such as OSHA, ANSI, and CSA. The harness should be tested for the correct safety standards to ensure it provides the necessary fall protection.


Consider the specific tasks and applications for which the harness will be used. Different harnesses are designed for different purposes, such as fall arrest, positioning, confined space rescue, or ladder climbing. Select a harness that is suitable for the intended application.

Fit and Comfort

A good safety harness should provide a comfortable fit for the user and be adjustable to accommodate different body types and sizes. Comfort is important, as workers may need to wear the harness for extended periods.

Durability and Maintenance

The harness should be durable and able to withstand the rigors of the work environment and the elements. It should be made from high-quality materials and be resistant to environmental factors. It’s also important that you consider the maintenance requirements of the harness to ensure it remains in good working condition and that you can keep up with them. 

Safety Accessories

Some harnesses come with safety accessories, such as impact indicators, which can provide additional safety features. Consider whether these accessories are necessary for the specific work environment and tasks. 

Manufacturer Recommendations

Manufacturers can provide valuable guidance on selecting the right harness for specific needs. Discussing the type of work, industry, and tasks with the manufacturer can help in making an informed decision. Suppliers, like Associated Scaffolding, can also help point you to safety harnesses whose manufacturer recommendations match up with your needs. 

Top-Rated Safety Harnesses in 2024

Here are our picks for the best full-body safety harness you need to keep your employees safe.

KStrong Elite 5-Point Safety Harness with Dorsal D-Ring


The KStrong Elite 5-Point Safety Harness with Dorsal D-Ring stands out as one of the best safety harnesses due to its exceptional design and features. This harness is equipped with a dorsal attachment D-ring for fall arrest, providing a reliable safety measure for workers at heights. 

The adjustable shoulder and leg straps offer a customized fit, ensuring both safety and comfort during prolonged use. Additionally, the use of high-quality polyester webbing with a width of 1.73 inches provides durability and strength, meeting ANSI standards for fall protection. 

The KStrong Elite harness is available in various configurations, including models with tongue buckle or quick-connect legs, and some versions feature additional front or sternal D-rings for added versatility. The Elite+ model even includes enhanced features such as shoulder pads and lateral D-rings, for even more safety and usability. Made in the USA, this harness is a testament to KStrong’s commitment to quality and innovation in fall protection equipment, making it a top choice for workers and safety professionals seeking a reliable and versatile safety harness.

FallTech Advanced Comfortech Gel 2D Climbing Non-Belted Full Body Safety Harness


The FallTech Advanced Comfortech Gel 2D Climbing Non-Belted Full Body Safety Harness is widely recognized as one of the best safety harnesses due to its innovative design and exceptional features. This harness is engineered with a proprietary dorsal attachment sleeve that supports the effortless addition of personal SRLs (Self-Retracting Lifelines), enhancing its versatility and adaptability to various job applications. 

The exclusive aluminum camlock torso adjusters provide a simple and secure upper-body fit, ensuring comfort and safety during extended use. The FallTech Advanced Comfortech Gel 2D Climbing Non-Belted Full Body Safety Harness is a testament to FallTech’s commitment to providing high-quality, ergonomic, and reliable fall protection equipment, making it an ideal choice for workers and safety professionals seeking a superior safety harness.

FallTech Arc Flash 4D Construction Climbing Full Body Safety Harness


The FallTech Arc Flash 4D Construction Climbing Full Body Safety Harness makes our list this year thanks to its exceptional features and high-quality construction. This harness is designed with premium overmolded alloy steel dorsal, hip, and sternal D-rings, providing robust attachment points for fall arrest systems. 

The use of arc-resistant Nomex® webbing with Kevlar stitching ensures a high level of protection against arc flash hazards, making it suitable for work environments where this risk is present. The harness also features quick-connect leg, chest, and torso adjusters, offering convenience and ease of use. Additionally, the Comfort Legs™ lateral leg strap construction enhances mobility and comfort, further contributing to its suitability for climbing and construction applications. 

Final Word: Top-Rated Safety Harnesses in 2024 

We take safety seriously at Associated Scaffolding, so no matter which of our safety harnesses you choose, you can feel confident. 

If you’re looking for safety harnesses or any other safety equipment for your next project, Associated Scaffolding is your one-stop shop. Reach out to us today for expert assistance!

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