Durham Justice Center

Job: Durham Justice Center
Location: Durham, NC
Building: New construction of the Durham Justice Center
Equipment Used: Swing stage and systems scaffold
Need for Equipment: Installation of exterior panels

The growing population in Durham County was in need of a new Justice Center to house the local court system and sheriff’s department. The county agreed to a project for a new 11 story state of the art building. The building’s design created a few unique challenges that were met by our local Durham, NC swing stage team.

The large over hang was not difficult for the swing stage team as rigging for all the stages included a “down and under” to overcome the extension of the roof. The teams installed multiple work platforms around the building, and a custom rectangle stage provided access to the unique corners of the building. For part of this job, the scaffold team joined in with a systems ring lock structure for part of the building. Our teams enjoy challenging jobs, and always take the time to solve problems for our customers.

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